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Macabre & Theatrical Gothic & Alternative Clothing by Madame Le Goth

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House of Goth HQ -  26 Peter Street, Workington, Cumbria CA14 3DA

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So you are ready to sign your life away and join us in the House of Goth huh?


Well now, you are in good company... you are joinng the many dark and  deadly souls who are part of this sinister house.


Don't worry, we do not intend to spam you with lots and lots of nonsense..........



Every so often we will send you an entertaining and spooky email informing you of our latest designs, special offers and competitions.


We will also be offering reviews of lots of other products, bands and anything else we think you may find enjoyable.


We also hope to soon take submissions of art, crafts, band and product reviews from our subscribers.


Sounds good huh?

Well just sign on the dotted line, and we will own your soul..........

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