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Macabre & Theatrical Gothic & Alternative Clothing by Madame Le Goth

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House of Goth HQ -  26 Peter Street, Workington, Cumbria CA14 3DA

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Boneyard Corset

£135.00 Created to Order

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Welcome the BONEYARD!

You guessed it; our back garden here at the House of Goth...


It's the most peaceful place on earth, a wonderful place to rest.

People are simply DYING to get in.......


Now let's be honest, you wouldn't be seen dead in something plain and dowdy would you?

So yet again, the House of Goth has answered your prayers, by giving you the perfect ensemble to hang out in the Boneyard!


Our corset, funnily enough named the Boneyard Corset, is a hand crafted masterpiece.

Constructed in heavy weight cotton, it is interlined with strong and durable coutil.

Carrying 26 metal bones, this baby will give you the hourglass figure you crave.

Corset is outerlined with a beautifil silky white lining, and laces tightly in the back via black eyelets. Stunning trim in black PVC.


Now for the fun bit... we have given you your very own Boneyard. Yes this cute number has a couple of headstones and cross on the front, complete with skeleton boned beads for a hair-raising statement!

And we are further spoiling you with a wicked skull overlooking his boneyard.....


Available in White & Black, Red & Black, Lime Green & Black, Deep Purple & Black.


Crypt Creeper Dress available seperately.


If you fancy treating yourself to a Boneyard Corset, please email us or complete the form below. We will respond within 24 hours to request the

information we need to hand craft your garment.

Payment is not required at the time of ordering; we will invoice you prior to shipping.






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