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Baby "Bettie Bloodsucker" Cha Cha Dress

Created to Order - £65.00

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So the story goes something like this.....

Bettie Bloodsucker (you remember her right?) decided she wanted a baby!

But since Bettie was a creature of the night (ahem...we mean a Vampire), the only way she could have one was to TURN one.

Yes, that's right....Bettie got herself a little Vampire.....


And yep, you guessed it...Bettie dressed her baby vamp the same as herself.


In particular Bettie was very fond of ball gowns and leopard print, so hey-ho (let's go?), we were inspired to create a stunning little Cha Cha gown for Baby Bettie.


Crafted in the same leopard as our Bettie Bloodsucker Gown, ou Baby Bettie Gown has a tailored and fitted bodice, and a three tired ra-ra skirt in deep black vampish tulle/netting.

We have added a stuning slash od red arounfthe waist with strands of draped ribbon...finished off with blood drop glass faceted buttons.


This gown is fully lined, and fastens in the back with a zip.


Created to order from Newborn.


If you would like to commission us to create your own Baby Bettie Bloodsucker Gown for your own little cha-cha girl, please either email us or compete the form below.

We will respond within 24 hours to request the information we need to craft your garment.

Payment is not required until your gown is complete and ready to ship. We will keep you updated at every stage of the creation process.

We will then invoice you via our business paypal account, or you can pay us direct into our account.

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